Policy Proposals

People’s Policy for Post COVID-19 Times

Brought together here, are four documents primarily drawn from the contributions of Jan Sarokar constituents and the discussions that took place either in or in connection with the Janta Parliament. Therefore, this set of documents seeks to capture the combined analysis and understanding of many people’s organisations and social movements on various issues affecting ordinary and marginalised citizens and suggests possible solutions, based on their engagements at the level of theory, practice and policy.

  1. This first section comprises the core issues of immediate concern as identified by each of the anchoring groups of the Janta Parliament. During the concluding session of the Janta Parliament, various political leaders that participated requested that a short summary be prepared with action items that are a priority for the Monsoon Session of Parliament. There were also recommendations to prepare a Common Minimum Programme for opposition parties to rally around. This first section therefore attempts to serve as an executive summary of the suggestions made in the concluding session of the Janta Parliament.
  2. In the lead up to the Janta Parliament, various organisations submitted short papers briefly capturing how COVID-19 has impacted their field of concern and how this might be countered. This is the second section and makes up the bulk of the People’s Policy for Post COVID-19 Times.
  3. This was followed by deliberations in the Janta Parliament on a number of themes with resolutions being adopted in each of the 11 working sessions. These resolutions have been collated and listed, which is the third section of this document.
  4. The final fourth section is an epilogue prepared in draft form placed here for examination, deliberation, change and perhaps eventual adoption. It is an attempt to begin a serious discussion on a long term vision around which Jan Sarokar and the many organisations that have come together for this exercise as well as larger civil and political society can coalesce to bring together their issues and evolve an overall vision of how the Indian State and society can realise constitutional values and goals in the 21st century. This section re-imagines the ‘Directive Principles of State Policy’ for the foreseeable future and serves as a first draft to begin what must necessarily be a longer, more inclusive conversation for consultation both within Jan Sarokar as well as with Indian society at large.

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